CSP/MD – Concentrated Solar Power and Membrane Distillation
CPVT/MD – Concentrated Photovoltaic Thermal and Membrane Distillation
PV/MD – Photovoltaic and Membrane Distillation

Global megatrends have created the basis for a unique business opportunity

The growing need for more efficient use of the increasingly scarce resources energy and fresh water has created the basis for a unique business opportunity. Based on state of the art water purification technology, International Water Consortium Inc. (IWC) has developed a solution for integrated use of waste heat for water treatment and desalination of seawater. In particular, the concept is suited for cooling high temperature solar power plants—with purified fresh water as a by-product. Such combined production of electricity and water is the most economical choice for future implementation of renewable energy and water infrastructure projects on large as well as micro scale. IWC is now looking for a lead investor to make use of this significant business potential and world-leading expertise in co-generation of power and water.

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